Active Gel BioSport


 Effect: Activating and Warming - Pre Race / Training.

 Tipswe recommend applying the product 30 minutes before the activity and once a day.

 Format: 150ml

Certification Body: 

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 With Active Principles: Arnica • Devil's Claw • Fucus Camphor • Methyl Nicotinate • Ivy • Horse Chestnut • Centella Asiatica Salvia • Rosemary.

Active Gel is an essential product to achieve the best performance during physical activity. The muscles will be ready for intense activity, thanks to the active ingredients contained in it such as Camphor, Centella Asiatica, Ivy, Fucus, Horse Chestnut and Rosemary that stimulate circulation and musculature and Arnica and Devil's Claw which give an anti-inflammatory effect and and anti-pain.

Produced only with organic and natural ingredients.

Produced and packaged 100% in Italy.

Certified Organic Product.


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