We are a young and dynamic cosmetic company based in Corinaldo (AN) that bases its activity on teamwork, involving clients, doctors and specialists who strongly believe in our project.

The heart of Bioltre is the well-being of the person, a well-being that must be achieved with quality products, which have professional performances and tangible results but which are made using substances of petrochemical origin or synthetic substances with harmful action.

In order to achieve this goal, we always choose high-quality organic and natural raw materials of the highest quality to achieve our products.

Our formulations are designed to ensure easy application, effectiveness of activators, pleasant fragrances and textures and professional performance.

Every stage of the production and packaging process is 100% in Italy thanks to the love for this wonderful country and for our roots.

Furthermore, respect for people and the environment requires us to work as much as possible in an ecological way, and for this reason we considered it important to use an essential packaging so as to contribute to the reduction of waste production.

A packaging that besides being essential is designed to be clear and immediate, as being transparent with all our customers is a duty.

We aim for excellence in terms of quality, learning from our mistakes and always trying to improve ourselves.

We feel like a community, not within our company but also through contact with all our customers who can be co-creators of value and new ideas for our company and our products.

We believe in us and in our ability to use organic and natural ingredients to create professional products that give concrete results for the well-being of the person without using harmful and dangerous substances for the skin and body.