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Diffuser with water-soluble fragrance High Peaks


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The diffuser: element of aesthetic furniture which, thanks to the addition of water-soluble room fragrances, becomes a sensory object spreading in its rooms unmistakable perfumes that evoke pleasant emotions, sensations and memories.

The top note Pino Silvestre in perfect harmony with the heart notes Fir Balsam, Maritime Pine, Fir Needles and with the base notes Pine Resin, Pine Wood, White Musk blend to create a balsamic fragrance and relaxing that recalls the scents of the high mountain peaks.

 Top Notes: Scots Pine

 Heart Notes: Fir Balm, Maritime Pine, Fir Needles

 Base Notes: Pine Resin, Pine Wood, White Musk

Use: pour about 90ml of water inside the diffuser with sticks and add the room fragrance at will. We recommend a dose equal to an entire dispenser.

Tips: If you use the fragrance inside the diffuser with sticks, turn the sticks after 24h and then twice a week. In the event of a change of fragrance for optimal results, it is necessary to wash the diffuser and sticks thoroughly in running water.

100% produced and packaged in Italy.