Bioltre - Sapone Liquido Igienizzante 500 ml
  • Bioltre - Sapone Liquido Igienizzante 500 ml

Sanitizing Liquid Soap 500 ml



 Format: 500ml

 With Active Principles: Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur, Sea Salt, Chlorhexidine

Liquid soap made with four precious natural ingredients: Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur and Sea Salt which naturally possess sanitizing cosmetic properties and with the addition of Chlorhexidine. Thanks to the active ingredients used, this soap is a valuable aid for deep cleansing and sanitation of the skin.

Use: use a knob of product directly on the skin, rub for at least 40-60 seconds and rinse.

Product with added natural extracts.

Produced and packaged 100% in Italy.


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